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The twinsee open source infrastructure stack has been designed to run as a distributed video call service, each instance of the infrastructure being controlled by a separate organization along their own specific management policies.

This means there can be many “operators” of a twinsee service, each managing their subscribers and “owning” their related data, in particular the data related to whom they communicate with. The various twinsee infrastructure instances can be federated (along particular access control policies) so subscribers of one “operator” can interact with subscribers of another one, with no central data management involved.

Such a distributed implementation of a video call service is very different from most other video call services available today. Those either “own” everything or are private in-house implementations that cannot interact with other private in-house implementations.

Twinsee is available as a “ready to install and use” software package to companies/organisations that would like to provide a private video call service to their employees (and/or customers) on their intranet, while still being able to interact with other instances of that service from other “operators”.

The twinsee infrastructure software package is delivered as a set of self sufficient virtual machines that can be easily installed within any in-house or cloud computing environment. It is in beta right now and we’re looking for “early adopters”.

If you are a company/organisation interested in running a private instance of the twinsee infrastructure software stack on your intranet for secure live video call service between your employees (and/or with your customers), please contact us.